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Use our public tools

We have two tools that allow access to our full archive of over 5 billion sentences. The Mediameter Dashboard provides a polished interface to search our archive. The Core Search Tool provides a simple interface for users to execute raw solr queries against our data.

Access to these two tools (other than a demo version of the dashboard) requires registration.

In addition to the two tools above, we have developed a variety of innovative tools that allow users to explore how stories and topics travel through online media.

Use our API

We have a public API that allows access to data from our archive, including searching through our collection of over 5 billion sentences.  The API allows access to a broad array of our data, including:

  • over 25 thousand media sources
  • 425 million stories collected from those media sources
  • over 5 billion sentences parsed from those stories

As described below, an authentication key is required to access the API. Register for an account here. After you have the account, get your api key on your profile page.

The full api spec is available with the rest of the code on github.

Join our mailing list

We have two public mailing lists that discuss Media Cloud:

  • mediacloud-users – discussion of public use of our data and tools — this is our main support forum
  • mediacloud-announce – low traffic list for major project related announcements

Contribute to our codebase

All our code is open source on GitHub.

Follow this site

We often build new tools, publish papers, and give talks, all of which we will announce at this site. So keep checking back for new developments.

Contact us

Email with any questions not addressed here.