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Russian Blogs as an Alternative Public Sphere

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We are proud to release our analysis of the role of blogs in the Russian public sphere.  Applying a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, we investigate whether Russian blogs represent an alternative public sphere distinct from web-based Russian government information sources and the mainstream media. Based on data collected over a one-year period (December 2010 through December 2011) from thousands of Russian political blogs and other media sources, we compare the cosine similarity of…

Sentiment Analysis at ICA 2014

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Media Cloud fellow Rebecca Weiss is presenting a paper at the International Communications Association 2014 Conference, in the “Advances in Measurement and Methodology” track.  The paper is titled “A Case Study in Computational Content Analysis: Comparisons of Sentiment Analysis Methods on News Media“. The advent of the Internet has been a boon for the field of communication. The digital mediums of online communication platforms hold promise for a new era of quantitative, data-driven analyses of…

Controversy Mapper

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How does a media controversy become the only thing any of us are talking about? Using the Media Cloud platform, we’re reverse-engineering major news stories to visualize how ideas spread, how media frames change over time, and whose voices dominate a discussion. Media Cloud’s Controversy Mapping work focuses on mapping the evolution of the public-facing debate around a particular issue, or “controversy.” This tool allows us to compile a corpus of stories and Web pages…

MediaMeter: Focus

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This tool shows you four different views of the world. It maps the top 20 English language news sources for four types of media: newspapers, broadcast, magazine and online (digital native). Our goal is to discover the which news medium has the most comprehensive global coverage, where the blind spots are, and to discover how different types of media cover different countries. This is an exploratory analysis for a research paper. Explore it online at

The Battle for “Trayvon Martin”

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News coverage about the killing of Trayvon Martin started as a short-lived, local Florida news piece, but through strategic activation of traditional broadcast media and participatory online activism, eventually became the most-widely covered story about race in the last five years. The story drew immense coverage from professional journalists and active public engagement online and offline, offering a potent case study for examining the role and influence of participatory media on media agendas. The first major…

Mapping the SOPA-PIPA Debate

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In this paper, we use a new set of online research tools to develop a detailed study of the public debate over proposed legislation in the United States that was designed to give prosecutors and copyright holders new tools to pursue suspected online copyright violations. Our study applies a mixed-methods approach by combining text and link analysis with human coding and informal interviews to map the evolution of the controversy over time and to analyze…