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Ethan Zuckerman
Ethan is one of the founders of Media Cloud, a Principal Investigator, and the faculty director of the Center for Civic Media at MIT Media Lab.
Yochai Benkler
Yochai is one of the founders of Media Cloud, a Primary Investigator, and the faculty co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.
Fernando Bermejo
Fernando directs and oversees all of the Media Cloud initiatives, research and partnerships.
Rahul Bhargava
Rahul builds our front-end web based analysis tools.
Bruce Etling
Bruce conducts research on the impact of the Internet on politics, political participation, and collective action with Media Cloud.
Rob Faris
Rob conducts research on the interaction of new media, online speech, and government regulation of the Internet and political processes using Media Cloud.
Sands Fish
Sands focuses on network analysis and developing visualizations for our suite of tools as a data scientist and computational artist.
Natalie Gyenes
Natalie develops research agendas with our partners and conducts research using the Media Cloud tools, drawing on experience in population health informatics and human rights.
Alexis Hope
Alexis utilizes user research insights to advance our existing tools and develop new ones as Interaction Designer.
Lorrie LeJeune
Lorrie is the Assistant Director and the glue of Media Cloud.
Hal Roberts
Hal is the technical lead and a researcher with Media Cloud, focusing on Internet surveillance, filtering circumvention, and distributed denial of service attacks against independent media.
Anushka Shah
Anushka uses Media Cloud tools to work with our partners and research women's issues in developing countries, drawing on a background of text analytics and social statistics.
Cindy Bishop
Cindy is a visual artist and creative coder who, when she isn't pushing interactive experiences into the world of 3D and immersive technology, develops the front-end of our analytical tools.
Linas Valiukas
Linas is a coding master working on the back-end development of our tools, building multi-language support for improving our system.