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Summer Data Challenge Presentation

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Summer Data Challenge Presentation

On August 21, 2015, Posted by , In research, With No Comments

We invite the public to the MIT Center for Civic Media this Monday, August 24, from 4:00 – 5:30 for a presentation of the results of our summer data challenge.

In April, we announced our summer data challenge and called for proposals from teams to spend the summer producing research using our data and tools. We were overwhelmed by the large number of terrific proposals, and we ended up inviting 11 teams to participate in the program (instead of the 3 we initially planned for). The teams gathered in at the Center for Civic Media for an orientation at the end of June and have been working away on their projects for the rest of the summer.

The teams have come through with a fascinating array of research results on a wide variety of topics. On Monday, each team will briefly present the results of this work. The topics of the summer work include coverage of same sex marriage in the U.S. media, coverage of sub saharan countries in the U.S. vs. local media, alignment of partisan framings with partisan moral foundations, the impact of media on corporate human rights technology decisions, the evolution of the use of “thug” language in the media, negative vs. positive framings of the Baltimore and Ferguson protests, coverage of teen pregnancy in U.S. media, visual framing within the abortion controversy, and the presence of “1 in 3” framing in the abortion controversy.

The presentation will be at the MIT Center for Civic Media (room 344 in the Media Lab at MIT). We will provide light snacks after for folks who want to stay to talk with the presenters.

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